Biosolutions can accelerate the green transition

We need to transition to a greener and more sustainable future. A future in which we must produce more, for more people on less land and with the lowest possible impact on our climate and enviroment. It is a massive undertaking that demands a break from conventional wisdom to pave the way for new solutions.

This is why we have set up the Alliance for Biosolutions.

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What is biosolutions?

The world is in a climate crisis. Temperatures are rising. The world around us is melting and burning. Energy supply has become high politics. And there is less food for more people. Taking advantage of nature’s own toolbox, biosolutions can use microorganisms to reduce the impact from food production, transport, energy supply and industrial activities. Natural fibres can replace problematic plastics. We can eliminate harmful chemicals from our daily lives. Waste can be converted into energy. Alternative proteins can be produced with far less soil impact.

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Alliance for Biosolutions

Alliance for Biosolutions gathers large businesses, SMEs, startups, universities and organisations that champion a necessary paradigm shift from fossil to green regulation. An alliance created by the Danish Chamber of Commerce, companies and research institutions at the frontier of the global green transition. Denmark took the green lead with wind technology. With strong research environments, innovative companies and political goodwill, we can do it with biosolutions as well. To the benefit of climate, environment and people. And to the benefit of Denmark’s next green export adventure.

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7000 Jobs
The sector currently employs almost 7,000 full-time employees in Denmark
100 x
the reduction corresponds to 100 times the Danish CO2 emissions
13 Billion
the sector contributes DKK 13 billion annually to Danish GDP

8% reduction of global emissions

Nature’s microorganisms offer an enormous potential in the fight against our climate and environment problems. The biotechnologies that we know today already hold a carbon reduction potential of 4,300 million tonnes towards 2030. This corresponds to 8% of current global emissions.

Thousands of green jobs throughout Denmark

Danish companies enjoy a strong position on the global market for biosolutions, and the sector includes both major, well-established businesses and new startups that grow rapidly both in and outside the large cities. The biosolutions sector currently has almost 7,000 full-time equivalents and the potential is even bigger. Towards 2030, this number can be doubled with both skilled and unskilled labour throughout Denmark.

Danish research in a leading global position

Denmark has leading research environments and knowledge institutions within biosolutions. Among other things, highly qualified engineers are trained for the profession, and the relationships between research and companies are strong. Over the years, there have been several examples of innovative biosolutions companies that originate from Danish universities.

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