About biosolutions

Biosolutions constitute of biological products that are anchored in biotech, i.e. utilisation of living organisms, including enzymes, microorganisms, bacteria cultures, pheromones etc. for concrete applications and products that are used in other sectors’ manufacturing processes and as end products to enable sustainable transformations such as emission reductions. Products include alternative proteins, bio-based ingredients, bio pesticides, bio plastics, enzymes, probiotics, food cultures, and fermentation solutions for feed and food. 

In addition to decarbonisation, biosolutions can lower land use, increase yields, increase biodiversity, reduce feed, food waste, pesticides use, and water consumption, and enhance the food supply and food security. For example, alternative proteins free up agricultural land which can be used to restore biodiversity.

Alternative proteins can also help grow a low carbon food supply for an expanding population. Bio controls can substitute pesticides, thus reducing negative impacts on the environment, ground water, etc.